When I got up and moving this morning I found this on my nightstand:


How cool is that???  Could you pick any better way to start a day?

I am so thankful to see them living one of the values I hold most dear.  Sometimes I get nervous about whether or not they are appreciating all that they have as much as they should, times like this help me put that nervousness aside.  It’s also so cool to have it come at a random time and cover some of the really fun things (vacations) as well as some of the basics that are easily forgotten (“making me alive” and “giving me shelter”).  My heart is full of joy as I read and read this card.

Besides making me smile due to their appreciation it also reminds me the power of the hand written thank you note.  How often should I write these for all the people in my life I appreciate?  Also, how often do I take some of those things for granted?  This note reminds me to pause and be thankful for all that I have, especially the little things that tend to get missed.

Thanks for putting a huge smile on my face and helping me find ways to be more grateful boys!



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