Day 830 – Thankful for Becky Being Right (Again)

When we planned our trip I kept trying to talk Becky into extending our time away by a couple of days. She wanted to get home on Friday so we’d have the weekend to get back to normal before heading back to real life on Monday. My thought was those were two more days of Hawaiian life and there’d be nothing better than enjoying paradise just a little longer. After a while I had to agree with her, it did sound like a good idea… but if there was an opportunity to change her mind I’d still go for it.

Cue today… here’s the scene I’ve looked at most of the day…

Yup, that’s the ceiling of our bedroom. I’ve been staring up at it most of the day. Between not sleeping much on our flights and who knows what type of viruses and germs I collected from others on the flight I’ve been knocked out with a brutal fever. I’m already feeling way better, but it’s mainly because I had an extra day to lay around. Having to go to work while feeling like this today would have really sucked.

So today I’m just going to lay here some more and be thankful that Becky was right (again).


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