One of my favorite parts of the Big Island is how you can drive about 90 minutes or less and get to whatever type of climate you’ve got a hankering for. Want a rainforest? Hit the area around Hilo. Want beautiful green valleys? Head to Waipi’o Valley. Need some time in the mountains hiking? Drive up Saddle Rd to Mauna Kea. Are valleys with plains and cattle more your thing? Zip on over to Waimea. All those options and many more all within a 90 minute drive.

Today we needed some sun, waves, and the ocean so we headed out to the best beach we’ve found here, Hāpuna Beach. The temperature jumped by over 20 degrees in our short 60 minute drive from the “green side” of the island to the “brown side.” There we found exactly what the boys were looking for today.

Sometimes I can’t help but laugh at how the boys always pushed back about taking swim lessons. They never wanted to go, but they never had the option not to. Becky and I both aren’t the best of swimmers and we wanted to make sure they felt comfortable in the water. We obviously pushed them right past comfort and into passion. Today it was tough getting them out of the water when it was time for lunch and when it was time to leave.

Today the boys decided to take on boogie boarding and took to it very quickly… maybe a little too quickly. At one point I looked up in time to see Dominic get hammered by a 7+’ (for reals, it could have been an 8 or 9 footer!). wave that crashed right on top of him. My heart stopped for a second until I saw him pop back out of the water. He was a little shaken, but determined to go back out. That’s when he noticed that he only had half a board. His board split right in half from the force of the crash. As he got closer to me I saw the blood running off his nose and face as well as a few good welts on his chest and shoulders. Tough as nails, he wiped the blood off with the back of his hand and went right back in the water using the board Gavin had set aside in favor of making a sand volcano.

All totaled Dominic was in the water for well over four hours and Gavin for probably three today. In addition to the boogie boards we had a ton of fun just getting pounded by wave after giant wave. The laughs, smiles, and joy will be remembered by all of us for quite some time. I’m so thankful we took the fish to the ocean today!


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