Day 803 – Thankful for a Visit from Ken & Mary and a Couple of Awesome Memories from Today

Today Becky’s parents made a trek to La Crosse to see the sun…  and us!  We’re thankful they made the long three plus hour drive to hang out for a while.  It was great to hang out, shoot the bull, and just spend some time together.

As we were starting to wind down for the night I pulled up my Facebook memories from the past years.  Two years ago today the boys and I kicked off our Pizza Weekend!  Over the course of that weekend we had pizza for every single meal from Friday supper through Sunday supper.  Five years ago we were ringing bells as a family and we recorded this gem of a video:

Seeing how much his energy level has stayed exactly the same cracks me up!  Last night at church as we were the greeters he was helping to hold the doors while in between he was doing some of these same types of things – including running back and forth in the entry way.  So wild seeing how much the boys have grown in the past five years.



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