I’m still not quite sure how it all worked out, but somehow we broke or bent the time space continuum today.  The list of things to get done and things we wanted to accomplish was crazy long, but as I type this we somehow got through all of them!

Becky and I got our cycling class and yoga in to start off the morning.  While I grabbed a quick lunch Becky and the boys started on their big project for the day, making gingerbread houses and cookies.  As they baked, constructed, and frosted away I went up into my workshop and got the primer coats done on almost half of my workshop.  It would have been fun to keep going but I ran out of paint and decided to take a break…  during which the boys and I fired up a game that we’d been looking forward to since yesterday.  Becky took the girls for a walk while we played and we all got done just in time to head to church.  After church we tried grabbing supper downtown but it was crazy busy so we headed out for sushi.  Bellies full we drove back into downtown and walked the Rotary Lights as we’ve done pretty much every year.  Becky had never seen the Christmas Train when it was in town so we headed over to that as well.  Now we’re PJ’d up and chillin’…




This morning as Becky and I went from cycling to yoga I was starting to stress getting everything done and was pretty sure I wasn’t going to make it to everything.  She stayed upbeat and was completely right.  By some crazy act of God we somehow got every single thing done that we wanted to get done and never even felt rushed.  How crazy awesome is that?  I’m not sure how we broke time today but I’m thankful we did.



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