Day 779 – Thankful for Lunch with My Friend – Jenn Davis

Funny how yesterday I talked about spending some time with my friend JC and now today I had the opportunity to grab lunch with another friend?  Can’t wait to see who I get to talk with tomorrow! On a cool fall day like this hanging out with an old friend is like that putting on that most comfortable sweatshirt to keep you warm.



Even though we haven’t talked but a couple of times over the four months or so we were able to jump right back into old conversation.  It was awesome catching up with what she’s been up to, her new career, and what’s coming up in the future for her.  Likewise it was like old times as I updated her on how the offices were doing, what Becky and I are up to, and all that type of stuff.  As we talked it was wild to think about how much time has passed since she’s left Express, yet it only seems like it’s been the blink of an eye.

It’s weird not working with her anymore, but I’m so happy that she’s doing so well in her new position.  I’m thankful for being able to continue the friendship we built through many years of working together.  I could go on and on, or you could just read what I wrote about her a while back when she moved on to Winona Agency –

Jenn, thanks for lunch, great conversation and catching up, and your friendship.  I appreciate you greatly and am glad that our paths still cross sometimes!


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