Day 778 – Thankful for a Wonderful Video on Empathy, a Great Meal, and Catching Up with My Friend JC

Whew, what a whirlwind of a day it’s been! I’m now laying in bed with a full belly ready to wake up early and go for a run before 4:30. I am exhausted, but in all good ways.

Today I had a couple of reminders of a wonderful video about empathy. Though I’ve watched it several times it seems to hit me hard every time I watch it. Seriously, check it out before you go to bed tonight, it is well worth it!

This evening we had a retirement dinner for Becky’s boss and it was awesome!!! Each round of food was better than the previous and it culminated in delicious airy donuts with lemon curd. I’m totally full right now and my tastebuds are still smiling.

Another great benefit of the night was catching up with my friend JC. We don’t have too many opportunities to hang out and it was fantastic to catch up with him. It’s always great to pick his brain on several topics and this time around I walked away with a couple of TV recommendations, a travel idea, some rekindled interest in genealogy, and some La Crosse history. As always I enjoyed the time catching up with him and shooting the bull. He’s the type of friend I could see a few times a week or once every few years and we’d jump right into conversation like we’d just talked the day before. There’s something pretty sweet about a relationship like that and I appreciate it greatly!

Time for bed for this old guy!


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