Day 772 – Thankful for My Friend, Karen Gilbert

Isn’t it great when you have the opportunity to spend time with someone you look up to, a friend, and a kindred spirit all at the same time?  I’ve had time today and will have more time tomorrow to do just that!  In order to help train a handful of relatively new teammates Karen dropped everything she has going on to fly up from OKC to help my teams and I out.  Ever since I picked her up from the airport this morning I’ve been laughing, smiling, and thinking in her presence.


As one of our trainers at Express HQ she does a phenomenal job of helping our teammates learn the Express process and philosophy.  At one point today she brought something up that totally blew my mind – even though I’m closing in on a decade of being in this business!  There were many lightbulb moments in the room today as she walked us through several tactics and concepts.  Karen’s training ability leaves me in awe and I respect her style greatly.  She opens herself up, is humble, but also exudes a strong confidence as she shares from past experiences, both good and rough.  While sitting in her trainings I catch myself vacillating between learning what she is teaching and learning more about training and presenting.  I’m looking forward to Round 2 tomorrow.

As great of a trainer as she is I’ve got to say that I’m just as thankful for her personality, energy, and spark.  She’s a down to earth, no nonsense individual who calls as she sees it, all while doing it in a way that keeps my laughing, smiling, and thinking.  Karen always is running at an 11 and it feels great to try to keep up with her!  Her mind is constantly in motion and I’m amazed at how many different conversations the two of us can have at the same time… and even go back to and wrap up after going in other directions.  I’d dare anyone to spend more than a couple of minutes with her and honestly say that they aren’t happier after the encounter.  Karen leaves a trail of happiness in her wake and I’m so thankful for the time with her today.

At the end of the day, Karen is one of those people that I feel is a kindred spirit.  In spending time with her I feel like I’m spending time with a wiser sibling.  Even if it’s been a while since we’ve last spoken we jump right back into conversation as if we talked every day.  What’s even more impressive to me is the fact that pretty much every single person I’ve talked with who’s had the opportunity to get to know her feels exactly the same!  She does an amazing job of connecting with others, getting to know us, caring for us, bringing us much happiness and laughter, and always leaving all of us in a better mood because we crossed paths with her.

Karen, thank you for the amazing help, your willingness to head up (in the snow and cold) to help us all out with less than a week and a half notice, and for bringing so much joy and happiness to my teammates and I today.  You’re a wonderful friend and I appreciate you greatly!



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