Day 721 – Thankful for My Dream Book and Reminders to Stay Focused On It

If you’ve read this blog for a while you know that I’ve got a book I keep with me much of the time.  It is a small approx. 4’x6′ black leather bound book in which I keep a list of dreams that I have that I would like to accomplish before my time on Earth is up.  As new ideas come up I add them to the list.  When I complete them I cross them off and track them later in the book.


Sometimes I go to the book when I’m in a good mood to see what I should put on my radar to chase after next.  Sometimes I go to the book when I’m having a rough day and need some extra motivation.  Once in a while I want to just pause life and remember why I am doing what I am in life.

In the pages of the book are my main motivators, the reasons I push hard and focus in the directions that I do.  Those dreams also remind me to enjoy life as it happens, to keep me focused on the present, and to push myself to dream bigger and bigger.  This book is where I create my grit, they are the long term goals that I am passionate about and willing to persevere for.

Over the past 48 hours I’ve had a few reminders of why this book is so important for me to have.  The reminders include thinking of how young my dad was when he passed.  I recently heard the story of someone almost exactly my age who went into the doc for back and rib pain to find out that he had stage 4 cancer in his spine and has very limited time left.  A cohort going through a tough time.  For several various reasons they all reminded me of my dream book.

Thanks to each reminder I’ve spent time tonight adding and reviewing that list to make sure I keep focused on achieving what I want.  It’s a lot easier to work hard and sacrifice some things while knowing it’ll get me what I truly want out of life.  It’s led to conversations with Dominic tonight about working hard.  This focus has also reminded me to live now in the present, to balance out the prep for later AND enjoy today.  It keeps me focused…  it brings me great joy.



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