Day 720 – Thankful for the Feeling of a Building Storm Front

While it was disappointing to have Dominic’s first cross country meet of the year cancelled due to storms there was a silver lining…


When I got home from work today I took a little extra time to just soak in the feel of the pressure of the storm building.  I just love that feeling of the air getting thicker, the temperature almost feeling like it’s increasing slightly, and the almost electric feel in the air.  You can tell that it’s gathering speed and ready to pop at seemingly any moment.

At the park the race was cancelled before the rain and storm hit so we were able to sign Dominic out in no hurry at all.  As I talked with another parent the sweat started to bead up on and I could feel the pressure of the storm continuing to grow stronger.  The more it was building the more I was getting giddy to see the result.

When we drove out of the park the wind really took off.  There were swirls of dirt and leaves as the storm finally started to hit.  Then temp dropped, the rain came, the storm popped and in a flash it was over and gone.

The entirety of the storm is pretty amazing and I often take a moment to be thankful to witness the storm itself.  The raw power of the lightning, wind and rain is incredible.  That said, I’m almost more of a fan of the slow and steady build up to the storm.  That sensation of the pressure continuing to build in the air is amazing in of itself.


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