Day 718 – Thankful for a Day of Outside, Active, Relaxing, and Family Time

Whew, today has been a doozy!  From the point that I woke up (which was way later than normal and felt AWESOME!!!) until now as I blog it’s been a very full day.

Becky had the great idea to do yoga this morning so we biked there, sweated heavily, and biked back home.  We showered up, ate breakfast, packed lunches and the family was off to Prairie du Chien for an afternoon of soccer.

On the way Becky had papers to read and the boys were reading, so I figured I’d read too…  while driving!  Thanks for having a great selection of fiction 🙂  I quickly became engrossed in Spin by Robert Charles Wilson and am looking forward to my next hours of drive time to finish it.

Every year we hit an apple orchard and Becky found that there was one just outside of PdC so we stopped by quick.  Gavin picked a bag of Honey Crisp and then I took him to his pre-game soccer practice while Becky and Dominic finished picking apples (and eating cookies).  We then went back to the soccer fields.

With some extra time before the game Dominic and I tossed the frisbee around for a while.  Once we got a little hot we cooled off for a bit.  After cooling off I went for a nice short walk with Becky before the game.

Gavin’s team played a couple of games back to back and it was fun to watch him play for the first time this season.  The backdrop of the game was amazing with bluffs in the background.  Near the end of the second game a flock of pelicans flew over, totally distracting all the boys.

Games completed, we headed back home and grabbed a Kwik Trip dinner.  More reading for everyone.  At home we quickly changed into running clothes and headed out to pick up Gavin’s friend Payton and headed out to the Glow in the Deke.


The Glow in the Deke is an incredible event that we’ve done many times.  It’s a 5k at night with many glow sticks and other lights.  This year we also enjoyed some fireworks while running.  Dominic took off on his own and did great (under 21 minutes) while the rest of us had a fun run/walk.  The weather was nice, the stars were out, and the course was pretty much perfect.

Drop off Payton, head home, unload from the day, shower up, and now chill on the couch.  Now I’ll probably grab a quick snack and head off to bed to hit it again tomorrow.

With all that said, it’s been a pretty epic day.  I’ve had much active time and feel like I’ve burned more calories than I’ve taken in.  There’s been a ton of outside time which just felt awesome even in the heat.  Listening to my book while driving was exactly the chill time I needed to balance things out for the day.  All day I was with my family and it felt wonderful.  Throw all of that together and it’s been one heck of an outstanding day!


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