Day 717 – Thankful for Shopping, Sushi, & Surprise Visits

After a long and solid week of work it was nice to go back to an old Friday tradition that Becky and I used to have. When the boys were much younger we’d get pretty wild and crazy on Friday nights… and go grocery shopping! That’s right, we’d load up in the car, drive to Festival, drop the boys off at the child care area, and enjoy slowly wandering the aisles taking in the quiet time together. Ahh… it was magical! When we checked out from Woodman’s tonight it brought back many memories.

Becky had a fantastic idea for supper tonight, sushi! It’s been a while and with getting back to watching my calories this week it was nice to plan for this. Holding back on eating too much early in the day was well worth every single delicious bite.

As we’re wrapping up supper there was a knock at our door and our friends showed up out of the blue! The entire Compton clan hung out for a while and it was so much fun getting caught up with them and their kids. There were a lot of laughs and it brought even more joy to an already excellent evening. What great surprise!

Now we’re off to Family Game night and then sleep… ahh… time for the weekend.


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