Becky and I met with Steve from our retirement plan today and had a wonderful conversation about what we need to consider as we put together our long term financial plans.  This was the first time Becky and Steve met and everything went wonderfully.  We’ve spent a lot of time talking about our long term goals and dreams, but it always helps to get an outside and expert opinion to help us catch what we may have missed.  Today’s conversation was one that will lead to many future discussions for Becky and I as we work our best on balancing the “AND.”  Living our dreams today AND building for our dreams of tomorrow.  So often this conversation gets set aside for the “urgent” things in life, it felt fantastic to focus on the important for a while.

One of the after work errands I had on my plate was getting Dominic over to his middle school open house.  In between lines and waiting we had a pretty fun photo opp that I totally took advantage of… Enjoy!


The time after the open house was a flurry of activity including packing, shopping, getting more work done (we’ve gotten some pretty amazing news in a couple of offices that has me running at a rapid pace but for a very great cause), cooking for the boys, and fitting in a quick load of laundry.  Full disclosure, I’m pretty sure Becky would label this a “slow day” and would’ve accomplished even more…  The incredible power of moms, right?

With all that going on I was able to sneak in one more relaxing activity, wrapping up another batch of rocks.  It’s brutal to have to wait over four weeks to see the finished product, but it’s well worth the wait.  This batch had a couple of rocks that were happily surprising…  particularly the two with previously unseen veins of copper running through them.  With all the chaos of the day it was peaceful and relaxing to shut everything else out and focus on the beauty of the finished rocks.


Non-stop, crazy busy day, but another great one that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  Life is awesome!


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