Day 696 – Thankful for Calling Down the Thunder By Listening to Thunderstruck and Then Running In a Thunderstorm

When Becky and I went out for our run early this morning we were greeted by a sudden splash of rain. It hadn’t been raining moments before but it decided to start the moment we opened the door. The radar showed we should be clear in a moment so we chilled and then headed out once it was done.

The radar showed a large thunderstorm north of us, but it was heading away and we were good to go. One of the benefits of this was the thunder and lightning going on a long ways north providing some beautiful and natural entertainment.

After one strike of lightning that caused a low rolling echo of thunder through the Mississippi River Valley Becky started to hum…

Ah ah, ah ah ah… Thunder…

Ah ah, ah ah ah… Thunder…

The sound of AC/DC was rolling through my head and taking her lead I fired up Thunderstruck on my iPhone. While running in the dark and watching the sky far away light up with lightning it just felt right. We were both getting into it while we kept on running for the first sixty seconds…

FLASH!!! A huge shot of lightning lit up the sky much brighter than before. Without much conversational both turned on a dime and started heading back. At that moment the skies opened up and let loose a heavy rain.

I was caught in the middle of a railroad track

I looked around and there was no turning back…

As we hauled our soggy butts past the only open treeless area I couldn’t help but smile as Thunderstruck played on in my hand. It was AWESOME!!! That’s when I realized that we’d literally called down the thunder by listening to Thunderstruck. The irony made me smile as we slogged home through the thunderstorm.

Today’s going to be a busy day with much going on but I have a feeling that I’m not going to forget the feeling of jamming out in the rain while running to that song this morning.


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