Day 687 – Thankful for Four Years of Knocking Out Dreams

I had an awesome memory pop up yesterday in my Facebook feed. Four years ago yesterday my friend Chris Dembiec asked me a very simple and profound question. “What are your dreams?” He’d just read a wonderful book, The Dream Manager, and was inspired to try something with our team. Next thing I knew I’d written a list of over 100 dreams that I wanted to accomplish.

Looking back it was one of those moments that reignited a bit of a fire in me. Back in 2007 I’d spent time creating a list of dreams and life goals that caused me to make some large changes in my life. This conversation four years ago helped to fan the embers back into a blaze.

In the past four years there’s been some pretty sweet progress on my dream list. With it lingering in the back of my head I’ve accomplished more in four years than I’d thought possible. Some of these include things as basic as getting passports for the boys, meeting Jim Collins, and kayaking/swimming in bioluminescent water. There are many that I’ve made progress towards like visiting each National Park.

Dominic on top of Mount Sopris knocking out one of his dreams!

All totaled I’ve checked off about 20 dreams! That’s an average of five each year which means I’d better add at least another five new ones each year.

Chris, thanks again for helping to rekindle the fire and inspiring some dream greatness! Greatly appreciated dude!

Off to dream lab to create some new ones!


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