Day 685 – Thankful for Choosing a Physically Active Lifestyle

This morning started with waking up early and heading out the door before 5am for a run.  Sure it was still thick and sticky at that time of the day, but starting the day with a run helps me feel way better throughout the length of the day.  Even being with the dogs adds to the positive attitude throughout the day.  They are bouncing, excited, and smiling as they get their harnesses on for their run.  Their joy of the present moment always reminds me to do the same.  It’s also a great time to spend time with Becky, one of the few short moments of time we have to connect daily.  Getting the endorphins running, a dose of joy from the girls, and time with Becky puts a smile on my face before my day would normally begin.

At work I spent the majority of my time at my stand up desk.  Sitting once in a while for meetings felt good, but the ability to stretch out while I talk felt awesome.

After dinner with the family Becky and I hopped on our bikes and headed out to hot yoga.  Amber did an awesome job of twisting and bending us until the sweat was literally dropping off of me and onto my mat.  Taking an hour to focus on breathing and stretching was a great way to chill for the day.

We biked home and as soon as we got home I went outside with the boys.  Dominic fired up some frisbee in the park and had a great time laughing and joking around as we tried crazy trick throws that we had no right attempting (and failed in amazing style – enjoying every failed attempt!).   We ran around and had fun doing it.


Now as I chill on the couch and type this blog my body’s tired and I’m feeling great.  I know I’ll sleep like a baby tonight…  and then wake up and get moving early again in the morning.  It feels awesome!!!  Thanks Becky for not only supporting, but encouraging this lifestyle!



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