Day 684 – Thankful for Healthy Paranoia Spurring On Action

Let me start today by saying that everything’s fine, there’s no reason to be nervous or anything.  We’re all healthy, nothing terrible has happened, or anything like that.  All that  said, I’m going to skip the specifics about today’s blog post as the details really don’t matter.  What’s important today is the concept behind the action.

There’s something I’ve been meaning to do for quite a while but I’d just kept putting it off.  It is one of those things that not only isn’t fun, but it’s also a time consuming pain in the butt.  At the root of it there’s much thought about whether or not it’s even worth taking the action.  I’ve kept it at the bottom of my to do list for quite a while and it probably would’ve stayed there if it wasn’t for a little scare today.


Long story short, something happened that caused me to be super paranoid and escalate that task to the top of the list.  It took quite a bit of time to take care of, but I’ve completed it now.  With the task behind me I’m feeling a ton better already!

Had I not had a very healthy dose of paranoia I probably would’ve kept putting this off until it was way too late and then I could’ve run into some serious issues.  Thank you Mr. Paranoia for rearing your head to help spur me onto taking action!


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