Day 665 – Thankful for the Vacation Excitement of Others

There were multiple conversations over the past couple of days with teammates about past and upcoming vacations.  In every case there was a huge smile, tons of excitement, and loads of joy.  Some of the conversations were about where someone had just gone while others were talking about quickly upcoming trips, and yet others were still in the dream stages.

In each of those conversations there was an opportunity to connect with them.  There were many nuggets of what is important to them, what they are passionate about, and what drives them.  Once in a while I was able to offer up an insight or an idea of what else to see.  More often I was taking mental notes of new ideas for future vacations and plans for Becky and I in the future.

As I have some time to sit back and relax my mind is racing with ideas that I need to jot down for future trips.  Thinking about how excited each person was while talking about their vacations still have me smiling from ear to ear.  Funny how an experience for someone else can lead to happiness.



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