Day 636 – Thankful for a Cleansing Run to Kick Off the Week

While I am getting better and better at watching what I eat weekends like this past one definitely throw a money wrench into the plan.  Now that I think about it, it’s really not the weekend so much as my giving in to temptation that causes it to derail.  From the point I got out of bed until the time I headed out for our run I felt sluggish, bloated, lazy and just off.  I felt like I was just moving a little slower than I normally would be and my clothes were just a little less comfy than normal.  Describing the sensation in  a word, I felt gross.

The nice thing about feeling gross is that it’s a great decision point.  Do I stuff my face with comfort food and give in because I’ve already lost or do I choose to get my butt in gear and getting back to work?  It’s as simple as that.  This morning I chose to power through a great run to start getting the the residue of bad eating choices out of my system.

The girls were still in the kennel from the weekend so Becky and I headed out without them.  Usually when we go for our run we need to stop for them several times and I will often walk for a little bit and it’s pretty leisurely.  Without the girls as an excuse I decided to punish myself a little and headed out at a much faster pace than normal.  Of course Becky had no issue with the faster pace, I’m pretty sure she would have even gone faster 🙂

The first mile was a little rough, but I kept pushing through it and by the time we were a couple of miles in I was feeling great.  By a few miles in I was feeling so good that the last mile was one of the fastest I’ve done in quite some time and it felt AWESOME!!!

Not from today, but I kinda felt like I needed to put a running pic in!

I’ve still got a lot of work to do to get back on track after my eating this weekend, but this was a pretty awesome first step.  In future mornings I’ll keep this memory in the back of my head to remind me why I love running so much.  Being able to essentially give myself a “cleanse” to start the week helped me re-wire my brain back to where it should be.  I’ve already made better eating choices and know that will continue for the rest of the week.  Getting back on track for the week after a cleansing run like this is relatively easy.


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