We had a fantastic time at Rachel and Tyler’s wedding and reception yesterday.  Between shooting the bull, goofing around, having a drink or two, and maybe even a little dancing – hanging out with the in-laws was a lot of fun!

This morning when I woke up before 7 I knew I had to get my butt in gear and get moving.  After a weekend of fun up north there was still a pretty long list of things I needed to knock out before the weekend was wrapped up.  Gavin and I took off early and made the trek home.

We both jumped into our tasks as soon as we got home.  Gavin had a list just like I did and dove in as eagerly as I did.  Next thing I knew it was time for lunch so we took a quick break and then went right back at it.  By the time I sat down to type this up I’ve completed all of it, from weed whacking to laundry to fixing a bike tire to cleaning part of the garage and a pile of other things.  Most important, Gavin and I were able to fire up the Rock Tumbler for the first couple of batches!


Usually on a weekend like this when we’re out of town I’m feeling run ragged and ready to pass out for the day before I get everything done, leaving some things for later in the week.  Today I was able to get everything done and it felt pretty awesome!


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