Day 625 – Thankful for a Bike Ride and Realizing I Can Still Bike with No Handlebars

Ahh… the simple joys in life… going for a leisurely bike ride with the family (all of us who are not currently touring Washington DC anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰). Getting fresh air in the lungs was relaxing and peaceful, a great way to wrap up activity for the evening.

Along the way I also had a realization that had me smiling probably just as big as I did the first time I did it a few decades ago… I can ride my big with no handlebars! This 41 year old middle aged dude can still ride with no upper body connection to the bike. I was nervous to try and once I did all cane back to me so quickly. Nothing like feeling like a kid to being even more joy on a Thursday night.


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