Day 621 – Thankful for a Weekend with My Brother and My Boys that I’ll Never Forget

As you’ve probably already seen over the past couple of days the boys, my little brother, and I all headed up to Copper Harbor, MI for a weekend of camping.  The entire weekend was a huge success and many memories were made by all.  There were so many new jokes, inside jokes, and great times that I’m not even sure where to begin…  I’ll let the smiles in the pictures tell most of the story.

After dropping Nick off at his house in Green Bay I spent a pretty large chunk of the three plus hour drive in silence as the Gavin read and Dominic napped.  In that quiet I kept chuckling to myself at what a wonderful time we had.

It warms my heart knowing that my boys have grown an even stronger bond with their Uncle Nick and have memories they’ll hold onto forever.

For me I’m so thankful for the extra time with my little brother.  Between catching up, shooting the bull, remembering past memories and creating new ones it was an experience I’ll never forget and will hold in a special place in my heart for the rest of my life.


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