Day 614 – Thankful for a Wonderful Gift, a Tree in Memory of Dad

After Dad had passed away the Express team in Winona got together and bought a very generous gift card to Trees Today Nursery. As luck would have it my Uncle Frank and Aunt Andrea had a very similar idea. Yesterday the family and I headed out to the nursery and picked out our new tree, a Brandy Wine Maple 🍁.

Funny how things work out isn’t it? Later in the day I realized that we were shopping for the tree almost exactly one year after I’d last talked/texted with Dad. Not sure how that worked out so perfectly, but it seemed pretty right and more than a coincidence.

Last night we got the tree planted in our yard and today we did a little temporary landscaping to help keep it safe while it takes root.

Becky’s already started calling it “Pete” which cracks me up for numerous reasons.

For me it’s a wonderful reminder of Dad that we’ll have in our front yard for as long as we live here.

Thank you to everyone who helped give this amazing gift, I’ll think of all of you and your thoughtfulness and generosity every time I’m looking at it and thinking of Dad.


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