Day 605 – Thankful for Storms and Beautiful Clouds

This morning on my drive into work there were some blue skies as well as cloudy pre-storm gray.  When I first started working in my office it was bright and sunny, but within a couple of hours the office had darkened significantly.  Shortly after a wonderful storm rolled in and the sounds of the heavy rain was so soothing and pleasant.

As the day went on it was sunny for a while, then cloudy, then lighter, then darker, and then light again.  Within one day it felt like a handful of trips around the sun had happened.  On my way home I was greeted with one of the most beautiful things there are (in my humble opinion)…  Dark bluish slate clouds contrasted against fresh bright green leaves being hit by the sun just right.  Those two colors contrast and pop in an incredible way!  Every time I see it I am struck with the beauty of those two colors side by side.  It’s not every time that there’s a cloudy sky, the conditions have to be just right to really bring it to life.  Today the conditions were right and it was a wonderful drive home.


After supper we headed out on some errands.  On our way home the clouds had transformed into some pretty gnarly new formations.  Not only were they a bit strange, but there were several distinct types of different that made it even more cool!

Today was a crazy busy day filled with some very interesting twists and turns.  A little bit of both good and challenging.  Being able to set that all aside and just soak in the beauty of the natural world was the music my soul needed to hear today.


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