Day 604 – Thankful for a Backlog of Things That I’m Thankful For

While driving today I had an idea in my head and I started chuckling out loud. I had no idea what I was going to blog about today and it was for a pretty awesome reason… I’ve got a backlog of thins I’m thankful for!

On each of the past several days I’ve had several things that I was grateful for but I tried to stay focused on just one each time. After I’d type my blog I’d stop and think about how I’d use that idea for the next day only to find myself having a day in which there were even more tough choices.

Here are a few of the things I’ve been thankful for:

  • A team member really stepping up to live our values and offer up a “Do Right” that helped the team at her expense. She didn’t even hesitate, spoke right up and threw the idea out there knowing full well what it would mean for her. In the end we were able to help the team without that solution, but her willingness to offer up what she felt was right was nothing short of inspirational and awesome. I’m so very thankful to have someone like that on our team.
  • There was a very excellent gift I received from a significant event that is one that I will cherish forever. It’s funny how there are certain things we know will be with us forever, this is one of them and will elicit big dreams and smiles every time I see it.
  • I’m thankful that Becky is forgiving. I was super frustrated for no good reason yesterday morning and I took it out on her instead of taking a deep breath. Once I’d calmed down I apologized and felt like a giant ass and she forgave me and moved on. I’m thinking that’s where Dominic gets it from 😁. That morning she was an inspiration for me to remember to quickly forgive and let go the next time something small happens outside of my control.
  • It was really awesome just being home last night. Almost every night we’ve had something going on and it felt wonderful to fire up the grill, blog from the deck and do a little work in the backyard.
  • There was a fantastic and heartfelt thank you card and gift from completely out of the blue. The words she shared were heartfelt and appreciated and her action left a huge smile on the face of our entire family!
  • Isn’t it awesome when you happen to hang out with the right person at the right time and it puts you in an excellent mood? After a long day of work and driving I had just that with Kathy and it made my day!
  • Sharing parenting stories with my brother always leaves me smiling, but he had some absolute winners this week that have me still laughing!
  • We all have ups and downs in our work life, but mine don’t seem to be too bad when I see so many wonderful teammates all around me. Over the past few days they’ve continued to impress me, motivate me, inspire me, and bring joy to my life in so many wonderful ways. I’m thankful for each and every single one of them.
  • So many scouting memories all coming back, I’d forgotten just how many moments of my childhood were tied to scouting and brought me such joy and life lessons!
  • Spending time with my boys while doing something as basic as riding home from haircuts cracks me up. The entire ride was spent joking around, giving each other hell, and trying to ruin Dominic’s iPod game 😁. I am so thankful for them moments like that we have together.

Gavin decided to add a little fun with the signature... an ongoing tradition 😉

  • Every night I come home to the best wife ever. We crash next to each other on the couch, catch up quickly, go brain dead for a couple of minutes and then head off to bed, only to wake up we’ll before 5am and head out for our run… our time to reconnect, chill, and just be together. I can’t think of a better way to start the day!

See what I mean? Each of these could have been their own blog, but I only have so much time to type in my life. Thank you to all of you who’ve made my week awesome, I appreciate each of you!


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