Day 519 – Thankful for People Telling Me When I’m Wrong

It would be pretty awesome to be right all the time, but unfortunately that’s not the case for this guy.  Today there were a couple of situations in which I was told that I was wrong.  One was an idea that I had, the other was a situation that I screwed up.


In one case the individual calling me out did it with a smile as we’re old friends who’ve been down this road before and are regularly used to calling the other out.  Ever since we’ve been comfortable telling the other when they are wrong our relationship haas grown stronger and we’re both more successful.  That was exactly what happened this time, possible mistake averted, we’re both better off because they called me out for being wrong.

The other situation was a little different, but it made me smile huge.  Weird, right?  Usually when we’re told we’re wrong we get frustrated and defensive.  In this case I actually smiled as they told me what I did wrong.  I thanked them for pointing it out and for not being afraid to tell me that I was incorrect.  They were nervous to tell me of my mistake, but the fact that they respect me and care for me enough to go out of their comfort zone to address it means the world to me.  I hope that after this they’re even more willing and open to tell me when I’m wrong again and that they become more and more comfortable bringing it up.

I’m wrong often, but I learn from those mistakes.  I hope that I’m right more often than not, but if you ever catch when I’ve screwed up please let me know, I really appreciate it!  That’s how I learn and get better.  In some cases I may have caught the fact that I was wrong, but in some cases, like today, I don’t even realize my mistake until someone points it out to me.

To everyone who’s told me that I was wrong at some point in my life – thank you!!!


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