We’ve got Gavin in the middle of a deep clean of his bedroom.  I’ve known he was a packrat, but I had no idea just how big of a packrat he really is.  He’s on Day 3 of the room cleaning extravaganza and I’m pretty sure that there’s another week or two in his future.

In helping him dig his way out this evening I helped him go through the books on his shelf.  While going through all the dusty books I found a few that brought back some pretty awesome memories!


Not Counting Monsters is one that I still remember reading with my mom when I was a little kid.  Both of the Dinosaur books got plenty of reads back in the day.  The Dinosaur Encyclopedia is probably the book I’ve read most in my life.  At one point I almost had it memorized!  Comets, Stars and Planets had tons of great pictures that fueled my dreams of being an astronaut.

In going through these books I had the chance to dive back into time and re-fresh some pretty sweet childhood memories.  Gavin may be done with them but I’m pretty sure I’ve got a home for them 🙂  When I’ve somehow managed to hold onto a book for over 35 years I’m pretty sure I can hold onto it a little longer… and smile from ear to ear every single time I happen across it.



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