Day 516 – Thankful for Being Home with My Family

Short and sweet tonight gang, there’s not a lot of explanation needed. In the past two and a half weeks this was one of only four nights I’ve been at home… and it feels AMAZING!!!

Dominic and I had time to chill and play games while Becky was running a few errands and Gavin was at a friend’s house. We took the time to go for a walk with the girls. Then while Dominic was doing some Boy Scout activities Gavin and I had time together helping to coax him into cleaning his room. Becky cooked up a great family dinner and we had time together around the kitchen table. Now we’re chilling as a family and watching the Lego Ninjago movie. I had some excellent snuggle time with LuLu on the couch.

Tonight’s been a wonderful reminder that sometimes the same old same old feels pretty awesome. I love my family and my home (defined as wherever I am with my family). I’m so thankful for this time at home with them, life is pretty sweet right about now!


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