Day 499 – Thankful for a Day of Dream Fuel

Today has been nothing short of amazing.  As I spend time thinking about what I’ve appreciated most my brain has been racing through everything that’s happened today, there’s so much to be thankful for!  The overwhelming majority of those memories have one consistent theme…  dream fuel.


During the day we met and discussed our plans for this next year and beyond while getting into some of the big and crazy dreams we have.  Oe of the focal points was considering our legacy… (Quick reminder – my favorite definition of legacy is:  the impact we make in the lives of others).  What is the legacy that our mentors Mark and Sheryl have instilled in us?  What is the legacy that we want to leave behind?  As we consider the legacy of our mentors they’ve left some huge shoes for all of us to live into.  This means we have to dream big and keep the momentum going.  My brain was racing with the possibilities.  It was straight dream fuel and got me dreaming bigger than ever before (future offices in New Zealand?  Just sayin’….).

While at dinner we talked about many topics ranging from high school wrestling to farming to travel.  The topic of travel was pure dream fuel and helped me a dd a few to my dream list.  Hearing about someone’s travels to the pyramids of Giza  and Iceland was AWESOME!!!  Throw in stories of views in Italy and visits to Norway and it kept getting better and better.

So much of my time was spent with incredibly successful people, mentors, friends, and Express family.  Many of those interactions were the fuel I needed to keep my dreams growing…  from dreaming big to dreaming bigger.  I am so thankful for that dream fuel, for each of those moments that have helped me continue to push for more.  Huge thank you’s to everyone who played a part in my day, you’re awesome!!!


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