Day 488 – Thankful for an Awesome Weekend with Awesome Friends

This past weekend was built around spending time with a few of my closest friends and it was everything I’d hoped for and then some.  My three closest childhood friends and I spent time hanging out, shooting the bull, and having a lot of fun.  There was a really cool combination of one on one time with each as well as with the group.  All in all, it was flat out an awesome time.


The reason I am thankful for this is because life is busy as all hell but we’re still able to find ways to get together at least a couple of times each year as a big group.  These are the friends who know me incredibly well and have shared memories of growing up together.  Ever since we were kids we’ve been a constant in each other’s lives and it’s amazing just how close we’ve stayed throughout the past few decades and change.

When we get together as a group we pick right up where we’ve left off.  Many of the same jokes and memories are shared.  Our perspectives continue to change and evolve, but we’re still the same group of dudes getting together that we were many years ago when we’d hang out in James’ attic.  Weekends like this feel great, it’s like being present in the now while also going back in time.

We’re there to help each other out through the curveballs life throws us, listen when we need someone to share a thought or idea with, and to celebrate life’s successes.  Long story short, we’re always here for each other.  Weekends like this are a great way to make sure that bond continues over the years.

This weekend we re-lived memories, created new memories, and laughed our asses off and it was awesome.  An awesome weekend with awesome friends…  I am so thankful for this time we had together!


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