Day 487 – Thankful for a Woodah Tradition in La Crosse

Every time my buddy Garwood comes to La Crosse there are a couple of things that are guaranteed. First off, we’re going to have a great time chilling and relaxing. Second, there’s always at least one tradition that we follow without fail… a trip to Buzzard Billy’s!

We stayed true to tradition tonight and the food was awesome as always. While there we shot the bull, watched some tennis, and had a great time.

It’s always an awesome time when the Woodah comes to town, and this goofy little tradition is usually one of the highlights, not just for the food, but mainly for the time to talk. When we get together we spend a ton of our time playing games and being active, this is that chance to just chill and talk… and I’m very thankful for it.


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