Day 469 – Thankful for Silence and Log Rolling

Ahh… the scent of chlorine… The smell makes me smile and makes my nostrils burn all at the same time! 🤪. No better time to blog than as the boys are logrolling and before I start have chemical induced visions from the chlorine.

re was a lot going on today, just like there was yesterday, and like there will be every day until Saturday. That's all good, my mind is in the right place and I thoroughly enjoy this type of crazy. It gets me pumped, makes me stay focused in order to be successful, and can bring out some of my best work. In times like this I have also learned that I need some calm in the storm to keep me going.

Driving home tonight I almost fired up an audio book, but instead I paused. Contemplating music instead I realized what I really needed… some quiet. I turned off the radio, focused on driving and breathing, and could feel my heart rate drop. My shoulders started to drop before I even realized just how tense they were. It was exactly what the doctor ordered.

As I got closer to home my brain reminded me that it was the first night of logrolling! Remembering how much fun it was a bigger smile broke grew my face. In no time my brain was going back through the catalog of memories of past logrolling lessons to get myself mentally set. The most important lesson to date was to stay focused on being present with my mind clear. As I thought about that I smiled and realized that would be another great way for me to take a deep breath and decompress. Ahh… log rolling!

While the boys wrap up their class I can feel myself getting giddy in nervous anticipation. I just hope I am still thankful for this after I get out of the water! 😂



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