The alarm went off way to early this morning.  Even though I was excited at the prospect of our first outdoor run in a couple of weeks I just wanted to go back to sleep.  At 4:45am it sounded more like a chore than something to do for fun.  I was considering it work, it was something that I felt like I had to do, not something that I wanted to do.  With that mindset I slowly shambled through my routine of getting dressed to run outside.

After a while I heard a whining and crying sound.  Immediately I knew who it was and why she was making it.  It was LuLu, and she was excited to run!

As I got my shoes on she kept whining and dancing trying to get Becky and I moving faster.  Once Becky got LuLu’s leash on this was the scene (be sure to turn your speakers up for the full experience):


With her nose pressed against the door she waited and waited while we got ready.  Looking at her I couldn’t help but smile as I saw just how excited she was to go out for a run.  In that moment I had a change of heart, I remembered that I run to have fun.  It’s not work, it’s not a chore, it’s something I do for fun and to feel good.


The run was awesomely serene, totally chill.  At one point I paused with LuLu, I shut off my headlamp, and we walked by the light of the moon.  The scene was so peaceful and relaxing.  All of this I probably would’ve missed with my original mindset.  I’m very thankful for LuLu reminding me to enjoy my run.



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