When Nick and I were kids when we went sledding we would go to a hill.  We’d slide down for a few fleeting seconds and enjoy the rush and exhilaration of the ride, slow down, and then come to a stop.  Then we’d get up and start the seemingly endless climb back up to the top of the hill.  A few seconds of awesome followed by 5+ minutes of walking up a steep hill.  Even with that trade off it was well worth it.  If only there was another way…

Almost all of Becky’s siblings and our nieces and nephews came over to her mom and dad’s house for sledding this morning.  It was AWESOME!!!  Even though the weather was a little chilly the sun, heavy layers of winter clothes, and laughter kept us warm.  Whether we were being pulled, pulling others, standing around shooting the bull, or going for a walk, it just felt amazing to be outside to enjoy the fresh air, wintery smells, and sunshine.  Throw in all of the fun and laughter and it was pretty epic.

Here’s where it gets even better.  There really aren’t any hills by Ken & Mary’s house, so we improvise.  Who needs a hill when you have two four wheelers and a mule, plenty of sleds and saucers, and a lot of rope?  That’s right, we were pulling the kids (& each other) behind the four wheelers and having a ton of fun.  There was swerving, falling, dragging, and, most importantly, giggling happening constantly!  As time went on the sleds started to disintegrate a bit (pretty sure my body did a little too!).

As we started to wind down Becky and I laid down in a snowbank in the ditch, the shape was a perfect recliner.  The sky was perfectly clear and a beautiful shade of blue.  I just kept looking up and taking in the color of the sky contrasting with the branches and the pines, also taking in the smell of freshly cut logs blowing across the field.  It was one of those amazing moments of total relaxation.  In a way it kind of reminded me of yoga, starting and going hard for a while sledding and then having the cool down at the end to take it all in.  It was just so peaceful and made all the better by having Becky snuggled up next to me.

I had so much fun today sledding, it was like being a big kid.  Being outside and just playing felt so good.  No responsibility, no worries, just present in the moment chilling and having a blast.  What a perfect afternoon!


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