Day 446 – Thankful for Enjoying a Productive Day

Today’s been a lot of fun.  There hasn’t been much for just chilling, but I thoroughly enjoyed all of it.

After getting moving this morning (and maybe having a gingerbread cookie or two for breakfast) I sat at the desk, fired up my computer and knocked out some things I needed to get done for work.  I took a break to pick up Gavin from Sunday school and then played a game with the boys before lunch.  Afterwards I wrapped up my work stuff with the Packer game providing background noise.

Moving from work to work around the house I kept right on going.  First I fixed a problematic door, and then I got our snowblower fired up and ready for the year.  Finally I went up in my workshop and finished insulating one of the last two walls.  Just as I finished putting in the last screws I realized it was time to pick up Dominic from Boy Scouts so I pause to get him and then went back to the workshop to start moving things around so I can start tackling the next wall.  When the dinner bell rang (Gavin came to get Dominic and I) I shut is all of and headed inside.

Nice to have one more wall done, only one to go!  It will also be nice to trim it all out and paint it, but for now I just need to focus on getting it insulated. 

What I am thankful for today is that it was a very productive day and I enjoyed everything that I worked on.  The feeling of getting things done feels great, whether it was for work or home, it didn’t matter.

Sometimes I find myself feeling like certain things are starting to become a grind.  When that happens I feel trapped, like I have to do them because I don’t have a choice.  Today I saw each as an opportunity to get them done and it felt wonderful.  I’m thankful for that appreciation of being successful today, I’ll keep this in mind the next time I catch myself feeling wore down to help me remember to enjoy the work.



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