For a few hours today the boys joined me in the workshop while I was insulating.  I was able to get the majority of one of the last walls finished up.  As I was putting in insulation and cutting the OSB to size the boys were working on projects that they had thought up.  Outside of a couple of cuts with the saw they worked on their own, but we all worked together.

It was so cool seeing what they’d both decided to do.  Gavin grabbed his pocket knife and started whittling up a boat (specifically a catamaran) for a couple of his Lego guys.  Dominic saw a project in passing in his Tech Ed class and thought it’d be fun to work on.  With that quick visual from a few days ago he went to town finding the materials he needed and made an awesome basketball game!


I am so thankful for their creativity!  It was awesome seeing them use their imaginations and memories to make something without direction.  Neither of them drew it up first, they just started working.  In the case of both boys there were several mistakes, but in each and every case they shrugged it off, learned from it, and tried something a little different.  Their growth mindset was absolutely glowing today, I was so proud of them!

In addition there were some pretty memorable moments for each of us.  Dominic was able to use the compound mitre saw by himself (with my supervision) on several cuts.  In one case I tried cutting something that was a little too small and the saw grabbed it and shot it at the wall.  Dominic and I talked about what had happened and what went wrong.  Once we’d covered how we wouldn’t let that happen again he said, “I’d bet that Grandpa Pete is laughing at us and calling us a couple of dumb A’s right now!”  Yes he was Bud, yes he was.

There was one casualty as Gavin’s carving stopped with a relatively quiet, “Ow…”  About a minute later I heard a “hey Dad, I think I need a bandaid.”  There may be a few drops of blood that lead the trail back into the bathroom now, but it turned out to not be anything too serious.  He got himself good, but he never complained, cried, said it hurt or anything like that.  As soon as we got him cleaned up he was right back to whittling.


This afternoon’s activity with the boys made me really appreciate their creativity.  Once my workshop is finished I have a feeling there will be many afternoons like this.  Maybe we’ll work on one project together or maybe we’ll all work on our own again.  Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing how many cool ideas they come up with in the future!  I’m even more excited to teach them more shop skills so they can turn their wildest ideas into reality.



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