Day 425 – Thankful for Fog & Steam

Today Mother Nature disagreed with our travel plans and caused only the second weather related cancellation we’ve ever had during our 15+ years of vacationing – not too shabby! We changed our plans and headed out for day hikes in the area instead and Becky & I each added a new entry on our dream lists, hiking the Tongariro Crossing. It worked out pretty well!

The fog was crazy thick all morning long and the visibility was ridiculously low. Take a look at the pics below, one was on our way out in the morning, the other was in the same place on the way back in the afternoon. Crazy, huh?

The hike was pretty cool too. The fog added an interesting twist, we couldn’t see very far so it was a weird calm mixed with being on the edge of eternity. It was like the rest of the world ended somewhere after the fog. The spider webs glistened, the streams had more of a mystical feel, and we enjoyed the quiet hike.

The town that we’re staying in tonight, Rotorua, was built around a bevy of geothermal activity. On our walk home from dinner included a trip through the Geothermal Park snack dab in the middle of town. There are hot springs, a boiling lake, mud pits, and vents. It was gnarly!!! Even walking on the street there were several spots where the steam was blowing up through the ground!

Today may not have followed the script we initially wrote, but it was a lot of fun that we’ll remember forever. Fog may have been the cause of the change but it led to an awesome experience. The steam was just flat out cool 😎.


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