The natural world is truly amazing. I’ve been so blessed and fortunate to see so many awesome natural thing, today added another one to the list… glow worms!

We did two different caves tours, one that was more focused on the geological and then other focused on glow worms. When the glow worm tour reached its finale my jaw just about hit the floor of the boat. Right above me was a sea of glow worms, all shining like bright stars in the dark summer sky, except they were blue green. It was awe inspiring, mind blowing, and something right out of a dream. My mind is still wrapping itself around how beautiful that sight was.

Quite honestly, I took no pictures that could do these bioluminescent little guys justice, but these will give you an idea. They use their light to attract small insects to them and then trap them in one of up to 20 “fishing lines” that are sticky. The glow worm feels the vibration, reels up that line, and has a little snack. How wild is it that they’ve grown and adapted like that???

It was another one of the crazy moments that I’ll save so near and dear to my heart, another moment in which my mind is blown yet again by nature.


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