Day 415 – Thankful for a Blog that Woke Me Up Early and Stayed with Me All Day Long

At about 4:15 this morning I woke up and was thinking about my blog from yesterday.  The concept of leaving a legacy, what does that legacy look like, and how can I better live it kept flowing through my brain.  Try as I might to sleep, I just couldn’t get my brain to shut off.

This morning in training we started by thinking back to the conversation about legacy and again my brain was going in a million different directions.

During a couple of comments throughout the day I thought of my dad, I thought of my mom, and I thought of many of those who’ve had an impact on me in my life.

Trading stories at our table I couldn’t help but smile when I heard the story of the relationship of my partner and his dad.  The legacy his father has left with him is etched in his words and actions, just as I’m sure his legacy will live on through his kids.  Again, the concept of legacy was running rampant in my brain.

Normally I’d dive into a ton of detail on a day like today, but due to several reasons I really don’t feel comfortable sharing a ton of details.  Let’s just say that there were many, many more moments throughout the day that had me thinking about the concepts of legacy.

What is the impact that I am leaving that will live on through others and linger for eons longer than the memory of me itself?

Today has been pretty awesome.  One of those days in which I start to drift in thought and find myself being pulled into the gravitational pull of yesterday’s blog.  Just a hunch, but I’m thinking it’s going to stick with me for quite some time…  and for that, I’m thankful!




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