Day 413 – Thankful for Travel Days for Work

I know, this probably sounds a little crazy, but I’m a fan of travel days – for both work and pleasure.  In the case of pleasure the reason is pretty obvious…  I’m either going somewhere fun on vacation and Im excited to get there or it’s been an awesome vacation and I’m ready for a night in my own bed again.

The work travel day is great for a different reason entirely.  When I have one coming up I start to pile up the little tasks that need to get done, but aren’t necessarily urgent.  They start to add up a couple of weeks before heading out and once I’m in the airport I’m going to town.  It feels great to knock them out one after another, and it’s easy to pause in between when I need to board, find my gate, etc…

Today was very much like that.  Not only was I able to take care of the list I had, but I was able to make headway on a another couple of projects that I’ll need to spend more time on in the upcoming months.  Knowing that I already have a jump start feels great!

Speaking of which, two more things to check off the list and then this old guy is off to bed.


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