Day 400 – Thankful for an Impromptu Family Game Night

It might not have been the most epic family game night ever, but it was a lot of fun and it was pretty much out of the blue.  When I got home from work I was initially planning on heading out to Menards to pick up the one last sheet of foam insulation I need and put it up in the garage.  As I pulled in the driveway I realized that I hadn’t spent much time with the boys over the past few days and I had a Weblos meeting to plan.  After a quick moment of hesitation I knew what I should be focused on, so I did.


The four of us fired up a handful of our family favorites – at least the ones that were relatively short and quickly playable.  Fun was had by all, everyone won a game or two, and we even invented some new words.  Dominic got confused on a play while playing Do Over and uttered a sound that immediately became a new family favorite…  “Err, but, der, but…”  It is pronounced Er’ buh der but and it was said many times as the night went on and was usually followed by the sound of laughter.

At first I gave the boys the choice of playing games or TV and I’m happy that they chose games, it turned out to be a very fun night!


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