Day 399 – Thankful for Connecting and Re-Connecting with Friends

After resting up and getting well over 8 hour of sleep last night I had a pretty awesome day today!  Funny how getting a great night of sleep can really help me have a more successful day.  Work was non-stop, but all good and very productive, but what I am most thankful for today is connecting and re-connecting with friends.

Over lunch I met an old friend, a teammate of mine from about 17 years ago.  She and I had bumped into each other at a presentation I gave a couple of weeks ago and set up a time to meet for lunch to re-connect.  It was a blast!  An hour and change blew by in no time as we shared what we’ve been up to in the 16+ years since we’d last talked.  While it was a long time ago it was so funny to see how much it felt like just yesterday we’d worked together.  We’ll definitely have to get together again in the future, there were too many funny kid stories to through all of them today!  As an interesting side note, after lunch I chuckled to myself as I thought about the whole situation and am pretty sure there’s an article or future blog somewhere…  If you have gone 15+ years without talking with someone, what would you talk about in your first hour?  What does that say about you and your life?  Does it mirror the things that are most important to you?  It was pretty wild!


After work we headed out to meet up with some friends to let all of our kids trick or treat together.  While the boys were all out loading up bags of candy the adults sat around the fire, ate, drank, and shot the bull.  Many laughs, jokes, memories, and smiles were shared.  I love hanging out with that crew of friends, they’re all great people that we have so much in common with and just enough differences with to keep life interesting!  Special thanks to Adam and Kelsey for hosting and cooking, it was awesome!!!

Today was another great day, so many positives to look back on and be grateful for.  At the end of it though, I’m so thankful to have time to connect with friends.  Our lives get busy and we run from one thing to the next.  In those moments when we choose to slow down and reconnect with our friends there’s a peace and calm that is so greatly appreciated.


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