Day 327 – Thankful for Another Family Tradition

Sometimes it cracks me up when two days are so similar yet so different.  Just yesterday I was thankful for the family tradition of grandpas buying pocket knives for their grandsons in Boy Scouts, and tonight I’m thankful for a family tradition that has gone on for a handful of years just like clockwork, the Hause family coming to vistit and spend some time on the boat!


This morning they rolled in and the boys all immediately flocked to the basement for an epic nerf gun battle.  After lunch we headed out for the boat and chilled on the sandbar, enjoying the sun…  and maybe a couple of beers!  Next thing we knew almost five hours had flown by.

As I’m sitting outside typing this while grilling the Packer game is on and we’ll just chill in the living room until the boys all crash.

This weekend is always a fun one.  The boys have fun together, the adults get to shoot the bull, and good times are had by all…  and there’s usually an early bedtime as a testament to just how much fun we’ve had!



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