Day 302 – Thankful for playing GaGa Ball Like a Scout…  An Old Scout

Full disclosure, I’m tired, stiff, sore, and it feels GREAT!!!  Earlier in the day Gavin’s desire to go up the climbing wall was thwarted due to the wood being wet so we went off to his Plan B, the GaGa Ball Pit!

If you haven’t experience the game before it’s a great way to entertain kids for hours.  It’s a sport played in a plywood octagon by 20+ kids (& the occasional adult) at one time.  It’s made of 8′ long sheets of plywood.  Using a volleyball you hit it with your hand and attempt to hit an opponent in the knee or lower without being hit there first.    last man standing wins.  The ball is constantly moving, the kids are all screaming and it’s as close to organized chaos as you can get in an organized event.

After watching a couple of games and being asked to play repeatedly by Gavin I jumped in and was more than three times the age of the oldest kid.  Jumping, diving, movin’ and groovin’.  It was so much fun!!!  Somehow I even ended up winning a game!  I could careless about winning, but it was pretty cool to see Gavin, Dominic and I each win a game – a Kreiling sweep (that said, we did play 20+ games!).

Before I knew it almost two hours had passed and I was sweaty, giggling, and having a blast!  Between all the fun, some Scout values lessons, making new friends, & hanging out with my boys I had so much fun!!!

I’m sure that I’ll pay for it tomorrow, but for today I enjoyed every second of it!

Thanks for inviting me to play boys, that was awesome!!!


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