Day 300 – Thankful for Watching Dominic’s Leadership 

Cub Scout Camp has begun and it’s been fun already.  The part that I’m most thankful for already is the way Dominic is stepping it up to help out as the Den Chief.  

He’s acting as my right bad man and is helping out with keeping the Cub Scouts in line.  He started helping the younger scouts put up their tents right away, carried a lot of gear, and helped keep the other scouts heading in the right directions.  Another part that was really awesome was that he volunteered to help lead the two scouts we need to help set up and clean up after each meal.  He put a schedule together of which scouts would handle which meal and will be going with them to help show them what to do each and every meal.

It’s been pretty sweet stepping back and seeing him take the lead, it suits him well.  I’m just thankful to be able to watch him grow right before my eyes.

Bud, you made me super proud today.  I’m very impressed with how you’re leading by example and remembering that it is more important to take care of your fellow scouts than yourself.  Thanks for being awesome Bud!!!  Love you dude!!!


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