Day 286 – Thankful for Taking a Deep Breath and Remembering to Learn

After my mom left this afternoon I started knocking off some of the tasks that have been slowly piling up on my To Do list at home.  One of them was to bust out the trimmer and cut down the tall grass that was starting to build up along our fence in the backyard.

As I started making some headway on the weeds part of the weed whacker fell completely off.  The engine was still running, but the cutting attachment, the bolts holding the attachment, and the cable that connects the attachment to the rest of the motor were laying next to it in a pile.  It was pretty frustrating, all I wanted to do was to check this off the list, but it all fell apart.

I took a deep breath and tried to figure out how to make it all work.  Examining all of the pieces I started the process of figuring out how everything fit together.  After a while it all came into view and I was able to reassemble the broken trimmer.

Back in business I fired it up and went back at it.  After making some pretty solid progress there was a loud noise and it all fell apart again.  Almost the same issue as before, and I was far from done.  If I thought I was frustrated before, I was beyond frustrated now.

Taking another deep breath I scooped up the parts and went back to the drawing board.  It took everything in my power to continue to look at this as a learning moment.  Inspecting the wreckage I was able to figure out where I’d gone wrong and a quick trip to Menards helped me get the new parts I needed.

After a short period of time I got it back up and running and was able to finish up the weed whacking.  It was frustrating and took a lot longer than expected, but I got it done…  and learned a lot in the process!




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