On our tour of awesome things in Washington today we stopped at Mount Saint Helens.  As we were planning our trip Becky mentioned that we should probably stop there to see it.  We both kind of shrugged, thinking it would be a little bit of a history lesson along with a pretty mountain view.  What we saw today was way more than that!


In learning more about the eruption we were all in awe of the awesome and amazing raw power of nature.  In a short period of time the mountain bulged under the rising pressure and finally exploded in an explosion that was nothing short of mind blowing.  In seconds an entire mountain was transformed, lakes moved, forests obliterated, and valleys filled.


The pressure created a blast that hit the forest at a speed of 500+ miles per hour, six miles away!  It was nothing short of incredible!  As we went on a nice 8+ mile hike we were able to see many views of the devastation, the new landscapes, the remnants of the old.  It was amazing!


For a day that was at first just a shrug and “okay,” it was a pretty amazing day.  It really helped me appreciate the raw power of nature.