On our last day in Olympic National Park we started the day by heading out to Second Beach.  Using the tide chart from the park rangers we timed our visit to be sure we were there during low tide to be sure to do one of my (& our) favorite things…  exploring tide pools.   

After a short hike that included a banana slug sighting the forest opened up into one of the most beautiful scenes I’ve ever seen…

The pictures don’t even begin to do it justice.  

Knowing that we only had a limited time to get out to the tide pools before the water rose to the point that we wouldn’t see anything, I put the blinders on to the scenery and we made a beeline for the best looking tide pools.  We were immediately rewarded with some crazy huge starfish…

After spending some quality time in the tide pools we took some time to explore the beach and soak everything in…  and maybe have a fun picture or two…

I could’ve sat on that beach for hours and hours, it was so stunningly awesome…  by far and away it was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen with my own eyes, I’m so thankful to have been there!


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