Day 253 – Thankful for an Overwhelming Feeling of Love


Honestly, I get choked up every time I attempt to start typing this.  Over the past day or so we’ve been receiving an incredible number of well wishes from many, many people.  Every note, prayer, thought, and well wish is greatly appreciated.

Throughout the day I’ve occasionally hopped onto Facebook, emails, and texts.  Each message brought a smile, a tear, an insight, or great memory.  Many times a tear or two rolled down my cheek.  Whenever I attempt to respond to one message it’s as if another three appear – and that’s an incredible and very appreciated feeling.  It’s the giant, overwhelming feeling of love that has been sweeping over Dad and all of his family over the past day and a half.

Later tonight I’ll be spending some time with Dad.  As I hold his hand I’ll be walking through all of the texts, all of the calls, all of the emails, all of the messages, and all of the Facebook notes with him.  I’m going to read each to him, share who it’s from, and share a happy memory of the person.  This is going to take some time, but I know that he will appreciate it.

Thank you all again for the well wishes.  Today’s update is one of stability, which is what we were hoping for.  No sliding backwards is the goal for the next day or two, staying right where he is would be about the best news for now.  After that we can hope for more recovery.  Here’s to hoping that hearing all of your thoughts, prayers, messages, and the like will help keep him moving forward.



2 thoughts on “Day 253 – Thankful for an Overwhelming Feeling of Love

  1. Mike, I just read about this. I know that God is helping your Dad, because he is one of “the best”. Prayers from our family for yours.


  2. Sending prayers and well wishes for your Dad and for each of you as you go through this very difficult time. Pete is one of the very best peopleI know. Only God knows what will happen, but I am talking to him and bugging him to please help your Dad to a speedy recovery. Love and hugs to all of you


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