Day 248 – Thankful for Support from Friends and Family Through Awkward Medical Stuff

Tonight has been interesting to say the least!  While I got a clean bill of health from my physical my doc ordered up a colonoscopy due to some family health history.  As you can imagine, I cringed and was pretty nervous about what to expect in this process.  It’s not one of those things that you typically feel comfortable talking about…  But I’m a red headed stepchild (twice over!) and there’s very little that makes me too uncomfortable! 😉

Yup, I drank it our of a Perry the Platypus cup…  the dude’s never let me down!

Over the past few days I’ve been very fortunate to have more than a handful of people helping me out with sharing stories, answering awkward questions, and setting my expectations.  Without all of these insights and stories I would have been flying blind into this, and it would have been much more nerve wracking.  There’ve also been more and stronger personal connections made through this.7A89BF63-6E68-4503-915D-9E3FE1A53FC3-3617-00000180043AE485.jpeg

I’m especially thankful for everyone who’s made me laugh!  Even as the goLYTELY was coursing through me there’ve been more than a couple of times that my full belly laugh came out…  causing more issues…  causing even more laughing!  This hasn’t been the most pleasant experience so far (and I hear the best is yet to come!), but it has been made much more bearable and, in some ways, pretty damn humorous!

Bonus thank you to Becky for putting up with the truly sexy beast I am tonight!  She’s taking one for the team and coming with me tomorrow.  Thanks Babe!

While I am certainly ready to get this over with, I’m thankful for the support of so many friends and family.  You guys are the best!!!



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